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It's a breeze! Gold24 Canada boasts a longstanding reputation for buying gold coins in Toronto. Simply visit our local shop, and we'll offer you cash or a check, depending on your preference.

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Gold Coins We Buy:

  • Mexican Gold Pesos
  • Mexican Gold Libertads
  • Gold German Mark
  • British Gold Britannia’s
  • British Goldsovereigns
  • Australian Gold Kangaroos
  • 10 Franc 20 Franc Gold
  • Austrian Hungary 10 & 20 Corona Gold
  • Austrian Gold Ducat
  • Netherlands Dutch Gold
  • Canadian Maple Leafs

Sell Your Gold Coin Collection with Confidence

Whether you have a gold coin collection you'd like to sell or an inherited collection that needs appraisal and evaluation, Gold24 Canada is here to assist. Regardless of how you acquired your gold coins, whether through years of collecting, inheritance, or a storage unit find, we specialize in all gold coin collections and liquidations.

We'll meticulously review each coin with you, help verify its authenticity, and then provide a fair cash offer based on the current "real market" values, whether for the entire collection or select pieces.

Gold Coin Buyers in Toronto - We're Ready to Evaluate Your Coins

Whether you possess a single gold coin or an extensive collection, pay us a visit, and let's calculate the worth together.

At Gold24 Canada, we buy gold coins of all types and quantities, from Pre-1933 gold to Gold Eagles, Gold Maples to Mexican Gold Pesos, and everything in between.