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Gold24 Canada is your one-stop-shop for selling scrap silver in Toronto. We have been Toronto's leading scrap silver dealer for qite a long time now, offering not only great competitive rates, but five star service as well.

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Sell Junk Silver

90 Percent Silver
40 Percent Silver
35 Percent Silver
90% Silver US Dimes – includes Mercury, Liberty Head, and Roosevelt
90% Silver US Quarters – includes Washington, Liberty Head and Standing Liberty
90% Silver US Half Dollars – includes Liberty Head, Walking Liberty, Kennedy, and Franklin
90% Silver Dollars – includes Peace Dollars and Morgan Dollars
40% Silver US Half Dollars – includes Kennedy Half Dollars minted between 1965-1970
35% Silver War Nickels – minted 1942-1945

Canadian silver coins dated 1900–1919 are 92.5% silver. These include dimes, quarters, and half dollars.
Canadian silver coins dated 1920–1966 are 80% silver. It also includes dimes, quarters, half dollars, and Canadian silver dollars. 1967 & 1968 were transition years and were a combination of silver and copper-nickel, and many other silver coins from around the world including Mexican Pesos, German Marks, Silver Francs, Old US silver coins, Astralian, and British silver coins

Sell Scrap Silver Collections

If you have a collection of pre-1965 silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins, or have been stacking junk silver for a rainy day, you’re in great company. We have been buying collections of scrap silver both in small quantities as well as in bulk.  So if you have a collection of constitutional silver or any kind of foreign silver collection you want to sell, give us a we’ll make you a fair & handsome offer.

Damaged Silver Collections
We will even buy all damaged items as long as they are made from precious metals. We’ll put it on the scale and pay you cash for the actual silver weight.

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Where To Sell Scrap Silver & Coins?

Gold24 Canada has been buying scrap silver in Toronto for quite a long while now, so if you’ve been stacking 90 percent silver, have just one silver quarter to sell or if you an entire 90% silver collection, come on down and lets crunch some numbers.