Q: What is the best place to sell gold jewelry near me in Toronto

A:Gold24 Canada is best place to sell gold jewelry in Toronto. We are conveniently located in Downtown, Toronto at 203 Church Street, Suite 402. The corner of Dundas Street & Church Street.

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Q: Do you only buy jewelry and bullion?

A: No. We will purchase anything that has gold, silver, and platinum.

Q: How long does the whole process take?

A: An ordinary transaction would take anywhere around 5 minutes from start to finish. That said, the more items you bring in the more time we need to evaluate them.

Q: How can you tell the purity of my items?

A: Gold24 Canada utilizes industry-standard testing techniques to determine the purity precious metals in your item. We take exceptionally extraordinary consideration to do no damage to your assets during this testing procedure. Our specialist will demonstrate every single step of the testing procedure – everything is done right in front of you with a clarification of each step in the process.

Q: Do you buy gold or silver platted items?

A: No. We are paying for the precious metals content of your items. Platted items don’t really have any precious metals content.

Q: Why don't you give prices or quotes over the phone?

A:Determining the value of precious metals in your item might sound simple. Actually, it's basically not something we can do with any precision via phone. There are numerous components that go into how we arrive at our cash offer. We have to physically assess your items before we can make any sort of reasonable offer. Making an offer without seeing the items would not be a fair way to earn your business. Our business motto is honesty, integrity, and reliability valuing our reputation as a cash for gold and precious metals facilitator and a diamond buyer. We choose to protect our honesty, integrity, and reliability by only making offers on items that we can accurately asses.

Q: My jewelry is broken. Shouldn’t I get it fixed first?

A: No! We’re buying the gold content of your items. Broken, old, ugly, out of date and out of style doesn't change the fact that we are only looking for the gold content of your items.

Q: What happens to my jewelry after I sell it?

A: We do not resell or keep your gold jewellery and precious metals, we are simply redirecting them to the refineries that refine, reclaim & recycle precious metals. 

Q: Why don’t you pay jewelry prices?

A: Firstly, the jewelry market is completely driven by impulse of the retail purchasing public. Styles that were incredibly popular just a few years ago are now undesirable. These are the items typically found in the ‘Sale’ section of the jewelry store. Once a specific kind of jewellery falls out of fashion, what's it worth? Secondly, you pay an enormous profit after you obtain jewellery at retail prices. That profit isn't recovered once you’re merchandising your jewellery, regardless of how you sell it. You paid that profit for the privilege of owning and wearing something valuable and classy. These are just two of the many factors that drive the value of jewelry as a piece of jewelry. We don’t buy ‘jewelry’; rather we buy the gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds that comprise your jewellery.

Q: My jewelry is BLVGARI or Tiffany. Isn’t that worth more?

A: Actually no, not to us. We are not purchasing jewelry for its beauty, or brands, or styles, or designer names. We are only paying for the contents of precious metals in your jewellery.