Q: What is the best place to sell gold bars near me in Toronto?

A: Gold24 Canada is best place to sell gold bars in Toronto. We are conveniently located in Downtown, Toronto at 203 Church Street, Suite 402. The corner of Dundas Street & Church Street.

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Q: What do you pay for Gold Coins?

A: It depends upon the market, the cost of gold, your amount, and so on.
We will give you a firm cash offer rapidly once we can see the materials and assess them.

Q: Won’t I get more money in a coin shop?

A: No! Purchasing and selling bullion and coin, for the most part, works a similar route everywhere throughout the world. So offering to a coin vendor doesn't give any financial leeway overselling to any other individual. The coin shop is purchasing to exchange it to a retail client. Gold24 Canada doesn't sell anything to any retail client. We need your bullion and coin business and we will put our cash where our mouth is to earn your business.

Q: But don’t Dealers buy back bullion at the same price they paid for it?

A: No! The spread, or net revenue, between purchasing and selling, enables the coin seller to remain in business. This is a similar rule that banks use when they acquire cash at a low rate and afterward loan it at a higher rate.

Q: Aren’t there websites that will pay a lot more for my bullion?

A: Again, they need to purchase lower than they sell so as to make a profit and remain in business. Apply some good judgment – There are a lot of sites that claim to pay spot or more for your bullion or gold and silver. Be that as it may, when you read the fine print, the story changes.

  • They regularly require huge volume and the materials must be in consummately mint condition so as to fit the bill for the unrealistic notice.
  • You need to send and insure the materials – this is nerve-racking if you haven't encountered experience like this before. Some bullion comes with substantial weight to it so packaging and shipping aren't really a simple task.
    Additionally, do you need the person at the shipping company knowing what you are placing in a box and leaving in his possession?
  • You have to wait to get your money via wire transfer or a mailed check.
  • Your materials are virtually untraceable once they leave your possession. How would you know if the individuals on the opposite end of the website are making an offer on your materials? Sleight of hand is a simple game to play when there is absence of marks, serial numbers, and so on.