Gold24 Canada: Cash for Gold & Precious Metals Professional Facilitation Company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We closely work with precious metals refineries to get you the best value for your scrap gold and precious metals. Our company works individually with the public as well as local and international businesses to facilitate the transactions of precious metals between the seller and the refineries for the purposes of refining and recycling of precious metals. The payout rates are very competitive within the market and we coordinate transactions to make it easier for all our clients. Our business is built on offering fair and honest prices for your precious metals.

Gold24 Canada is heavily involved in the precious metals and diamonds business. Our main service center is in Toronto but we offer a fully insured courier service throughout Canada with local home pickups in Southern Ontario, so you never need to even come to our location!

Our company employs very competent appraisers and experts in the gold and precious metals assaying industry to give you confidence that each piece of jewelry and precious mineral is carefully analyzed and valued.

Our business motto is honesty, integrity, and reliability, valuing our reputation as a Cash For Gold & Precious Metals Facilitator and a diamond buyer. Gold24 Canada makes sure sending your items to us is a secure procedure by offering insured shipping options. Our estimates are always free and we are here to answer any questions you may have.